Saturday, December 09, 2006

China and Japan, getting closer.

China-Japan relations stand on new starting point
people's daily
This is from People's daily.
Japan will give China 793 million yen (6.82 million dollars) to set up a system to monitor acid rain and yellow sand in China, Foreign Minister Taro Aso said.Sat Dec 9, 3:04 AM ET

CEBU, Philippines (AFP)

I am not sure if this China's attitude will continue, but I think they realised that there was nothing they can gain from bashing Japan on historical issues.
Japanese government has not changed its view on history and Abe is more of rightist than Koizumi, and yet, China has changed..

Regrettably, I guess Korea will not meet Japanese PM.
Roh said, when protesting Japanese PM visiting Yasukuni, Korea would not have a meeting with Japan on an independent reason of China.
Korea will not meet with JPM unlesss Japan changes its historical view.
Japan has not changed it.

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