Sunday, December 10, 2006

Superb post

Foreign dispatches , again, presented the argument to the point about the massacres during WWⅡ.
by continously distorting (and on occasion even inventing) the evidence for the Nanking Massacre in order to milk it for as much anti-Japanese leverage as possible, the Chinese government and its' sympathizers are sawing off the branch of grievance on which they sit, making it a piece of cake for Japanese rightists to credibly dismiss all of the evidence as a bunch of lies.

As for the rightists who insist on pretending that the massacre never happened, all I will say is this: it's one thing to put the war in East Asia in its proper context of Japan's attempt to counter the actions of aggressive Western colonial powers in a world order intent on seeing the Japanese as racially "inferior", and quite something else again to pretend the Imperial Japanese Army were just a bunch of saintly boy scouts who went on a little expedition in China, rather than a wayward, brutal organization which began by destroying civilian political rule at home before spreading chaos and death on a vast scale throughout East Asia. Again, it is precisely such absurd distortions of the truth which make it so easy for Westerners to pretend all was right with the world before Japan attacked the United States for no reason whatsoever.

I can't agree any more.

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