Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chinese man in Japan

The Japanese rightists complained that he was fed up with multiculturalism. I have no trouble with multiculuturism as far as people abide by the law. And I have had no trouble with Chinese people. Chinese people running Chinese restaurant near my apartment are nice people:hardworking and honest.
However, these guys are terrible.

They have shops on the street illegally.

An Japanese woman complains that Chinese men are illegally parking.

One of young Chinese man: Do you know Japan invaded China? Do you understand that? And Japan has not compenstated. Japanese caused a lot of trouble in China. You should do more soul-searching.

Finding a Japanese female interviewer.

The chinese man: How old are you?
The interviewer:40
The chinese man:you don't look 40, you look 60, bring us a younger woman....

There are a lot of Japanese criminals, so being criminal is not peculiar to these Chinese men, but the way they use the past history to win the argument is exactly the same as what Chinese government has been doing. I hope they are exception.

via 世の中をなま暖かく見守るブログ

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