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This is how a great history of Korea is defended.

the member of the new right is being kicked by the
At Seoul National University yesterday, members of a civic group scuffle with organizers of a symposium to discuss a new history textbook. [YONHAP]
This is how Korean great history is defended.

December 01, 2006 ㅡ Fists swung and desks flew through the air at an academic conference hosted by a conservative civic group to discuss the draft of its new history textbook yesterday. Left-wing activists denounced the book as an attempt to "rewrite Korea's modern history."

But as Rhee Young-hoon, an economist there, was about to begin his presentation, about 50 members of organizations who supported the 1960 popular uprising that ousted President Syngman Rhee entered the auditorium. One grabbed the economist by the throat, and the fight was on. Protesters threw desks, chairs and other objects around the room.
The 16 academics on the panel fought to keep their seats on the dias. Lew Young-ick, an international relations professor at Yonsei University; Heo Dong-hyeon, a history professor from Kyung Hee University; Mr. Rhee and others were dragged to the floor in the melee. Four of the organizers, including Mr. Heo and Mr. Rhee, sustained minor injuries.
Kang Jae-sik, head of the April 19 Revolution Foundation, complained, "The professors downplayed the revolution's significance by calling it a mere student uprising, while calling the May 16 military coup a revolution." May 16 was the date of Park Chung Hee's coup d'etat in 1961.
Mr. Kang said the protesters acted out of rage, but added defiantly that the symposium should not have been held. The demonstrators left after 30 minutes, and the rattled academics called off the rest of the conference.
"It is shameful to see a situation like this," a rumpled Mr. Heo said.


Remember? This is the fate of Korean university professor who said, "comfort women "Comfort women were just prostitutes. No scholar insist that the government general forced comfort women to recruit, Japan is responsible for regulating the comfort station but we should pick up the issue of Korean civilians."Chosuilbo

And another Korean university professor was pressured to resign, because he said,
"The fortunate part about the occupation of Korea is that it was Japan that had colonized the peninsula," Mr. Hahn wrote. "It was rather a blessing for Korea."
In the article and afterwards in an interview with Korean media, Mr. Hahn said that the early 1900s were a period of fierce competition among regional powers in Asia.
"At the time, if Japan had not occupied Korea, Russia would have done so," the prominent 75-year-old politics professor said. "If it were Russia, the Korean Peninsula would have been communized. Korean people would have been dispersed under Stalin's policies. Therefore, I think Japan's colonial rule rather reinforced Koreans' awareness and nationalism."
Korean nationalism had risen during the colonial rule, and it was Japanese scholars and their Korean disciples who had built the foundation of Korean studies.
"stop making compensation claims for Japan's use of Korean women as sex slaves during World War II. He said the episode was only temporary and an exceptional case that had done no great damage.joongAng

After all, it might be tradition of Korea that you can not live in Korea if you tell the truth that hurts Korean society.

Stevens, an adviser to the foreign ministry of King Kojong said in 1908,
Korean people are happy under the Japanese protectorate administration of which he was an important part. Korea was making much progress as a nation, and the people were benefited by a new arrangement with Japan. There were some who complained the situation among the Koreans, but the Japanese were actually doing a far better job than the Americans in the Philippine Islands for the Filipinos. Steven's comment appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Koreans were enraged by Stevens' remarks.

He was assassinated by kyopo

'분노한 4.19'
'怒った 4.19'

30일 오후 서울대 사범대 교육정보관에서 열린 교과서포럼 제 6차 심포지엄-한국 근현대사 대안 교과서, 이렇게 고쳐 만듭니다-행사장에 난입한 4.19 관련 단체 회원들이 포럼에 참석한 안병직 서울대 명예교수(뉴라이트 재단 이사장)의 가슴을 발로 밟고 있다.
30日午後ソウル大師範大教育情報館で開かれた教科書フォーラム第 6次シンポジウム-韓国近現代史代案教科書,こんなに直して作ります-行事場所に乱入した 4.19 関連団体会員たちがフォーラムに参加した眼病職ソウル大名誉教授(ニューライト財団理事長)の胸を足で踏んでいる.

4.19 혁명회와 유족회 회원 100여명은 이날 "숭고한 4.19혁명'을 '4.19학생운동'으로 표기하는등 뉴라이트 교과서포럼의 4.19 혁명 정신 부정에 통탄한다"며 30여 분간 포럼 참석자들과 거친 몸싸움을 벌이고 성명서를 낭독한 뒤 자리를 떠났다.
4.19 革命回と遺族会会員 100人余りはこの日 "崇高な 4.19革命'を '4.19学生運動'で表記するなどニューライト教科書フォーラムの 4.19 革命精神不正に痛嘆する"と 30余見分けフォーラム参席者たちと荒い体当りけんかをしてステートメントを朗読した後席を発った.

뉴라이트 계열의 교과서포럼은 '5.16 혁명' 표기 등 현행 교과서와 역사 인식에 있어 큰 차이를 보이는 새 교과서를 내년 3월에 출간한 뒤 향후 고등학교 정식 교과서 채택을 계획하고 있다.
ニューライト系列の教科書フォーラムは '5.16 革命' 表記など現行教科書と歴史認識において大きい差を見せる新しい教科書を来年 3月に出刊した後今後の高等学校正式教科書採択を計画している.

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