Monday, December 11, 2006

Takeshima/Dokdo 1906 document (k)

The paper above records Chosun's opposition to Japan's annexation of Dokdo Island at various governmental levels.

Ô¼Óö Dokdo Island

"Tokdo belonging to this county is located in the sea 100 ri from this county. A Japanese steamship moored at Todongp'o in Udo on the 4th day of the month about 8:00 a.m and a group of Japanese Officials came to my office and said, "we came to inspect Tokdo since it is now Japanese territory ." The group included official Zinzai, of Oki Island in Shimane prefecture, Director Yoshida Meigo of the Tax Supervision Bureau, police sub-station chief, Inspector Kageyama Iwahachiro, one policeman, one local assemblyman, a doctor and a technician and about a dozen 'followers, They have come for the purpose of finding out firstly, the number of households, population, and land production, and secondly, the number of personnel and expenditure. The record having being made, we submit this report for your reference.
Lunar March 5, 10th year of Kwangmu (1906)...."

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