Friday, December 15, 2006

China Taiwan and North Korea

December 10, 2006: Despite a major corruption scandal, the independence party in Taiwan held its own in local elections. The pro-China KMT party made some gains, but not enough to reassure Chinese politicians. Public opinion in Taiwan continues to move towards a declaration of independence. The threat of Chinese invasion does not appear to be stopping down this trend.

Okay, go for it Taiwan. I'll support you. How about shanghai? don't you want the independence?

December 9, 2006: Chinese generals say they have no plans for military intervention in North Korea. Meanwhile, more Chinese troops are sent to the North Korean border each month, in anticipation of a political collapse across the border. That would bring a huge wave of refugees, and the growing army of Chinese soldiers are prepared to stop as many of the refugees as possible. Military news

So what is China up to ?

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