Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christianity in Japan

I once wrote that in Japan nihilism is rampant. Here is how.
Many (Japanese) have looked to the economy to fill their 'God vacuum.'

But recently it's been faltering, and many jaded Japanese have lost hope.

One Japanese, called Kiku, explained, "But now we have everything, but what is lacking is purpose. Why are we here? We can't answer the question 'who are you?' unless we know the Creator God -- then everything makes sense."

"There is what you might call a 'dark night of the soul' to use that phrase to describe the Japanese right now," said renowned researcher George Gallup, Jr.

In fact, Gallup found that 11 percent of the Japanese wish they had never even been born.

That's reflected in the country's unusually high suicide rate.

But here is a good a news for Japan.

researchers believe it could definitely mean Japanese hearts are softening toward the Gospel.

One of the reasons why so many Japanese feel they can associate themselves with Christianity is the popularity of Western or Christian-style weddings......Another reason the Japanese are softening up to the message of the Bible is the incredible phenomenon of black Gospel music.

Believe it or not, the reserved Japanese love the toe-tapping, finger-snapping, always swaying music.

Gospel music singer Garrison Davis has lived in Japan for eight years.

Kiku said, "God says, 'You are precious in My sight, I love you.' And that is a key word for Japan. Everybody is looking for their value, worth, state of worth, but God says, 'You are valuable.'"CBN

Isn't God one of myriad ofKami (yaorozu no kami) that stay at wind and thunder; natural objects like the sun, mountains, rivers, trees, and rocks; some animals; and ancestral spirits for them?

Will the tree of Christianity grow at last?


A tree which flourishes in one kind of soil may wither if the soil is changed. As for the tree of Christianity, in a foreign country its leaves may grow thick and the buds may be rich, while in Japan the leaves wither and no bud appears. Father, have you never thought of the difference in the soil, the difference in the water?Endo/silence

The rest is silence.

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