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The war in China before and during WWⅡ

In several posts, I have tried to show what we might call the Imperialistic struggles during WWⅡ among the Powers. And there were always victims. In particular, China is the most victimized nation. Yes, Japanese atrocity is eminent and the madness was beyond description.
But let's not forget there were power struggles among Chinese regimes and Chinese people were also oppressed, killed, massacred by them; for, it seems forgetting this fact, emphasizing their identity with their ethnicity, will leads to nationalistic view of history, to be used for blaming, bashing other nations, turning blind eye to their own wrongs. Of course it does not cansell what Japan did.It rather show the folly, irrational, dark and weak side of people, Japanese or Chinese or for that matter, anyone. Putting the human situation in wider perspective will help us to move from the view point of "I as Japanese/Chinese etc" to that of "we as human being "

From the earliest years to their final defeat on the mainland, the Nationalist likely killed from 5,965,000 to 18,522,000 helpless people, probably 10,214,000. This incredible number is over a million greater than all the aforementioned 8,963,000 war dead in all the hundreds of wars and rebellions in China from the beginning of the century to the Nationalist final defeat. It ranks the Nationalists as the fourth greatest demociders of this century, behind the Soviets, Chinese communists, and German Nazis. This democide is even more impressive when it is realized that the Nationalists never controlled all of China, perhaps no more than 50 too 60 percent of the population at its greatest.

Overall and quite aside from those killed in battle, the Japanese probably murdered 3,949,000 Chinese during the war; even possibly as many as 6,325,000. Some readers who were prisoners of the Japanese during the war or remember the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal revelations after the war will hardly be surprised by these numbers. What is shocking is that the Nationalist likely murdered some 2,000,000 more during the war, and that this toll, or something like it, is virtually unknown. Apparently the Nationalists got away with murder; responsible Japanese were tried as war criminals.

Up to October 1, 1949, when Mao Tse-tung officially proclaimed the Peoples Republic of China, the communists killed from 1,838,000 to 11,692,000 people, most likely some 3,466,000. This is about one-third the democide of the Nationalists. The communists usually controlled a much smaller population. But also, they treated their soldiers much better, the process of conscription was not a death trap, and officials and officers were far less corrupt and undisciplined. Thus, the population was less subject to the arbitrary killing by the communists; what killing did take place was often part of a program or campaign mapped out in advance. Even in newly conquered areas, when peasants spontaneously would take matters into their own hands, round up some hated local bullies or former officials and beat them to death, it generally was within the communist scheme. Otherwise, the party's Central Committee would have made reference to communist goals while instructing cadre to prevent such "anti-social action."CHINA'S

For the general informations during this period, see Chinese Civil War

after the communist regime
Only when these movements and especially the final, total collectivization of the peasants and "Great Leap Forward" destroyed the agricultural system, causing the world's greatest recorded famine--27,000,000 starved too death9--did the communist begin to draw back from or slacken their drives. Shortly after this famine, in the mid-1960s, an intra-party civil war erupted between Mao Tse-tung and his followers, who wanted to continue the mass-based revolution, and a more moderate, pragmatically oriented faction. This "cultural revolution" probably cost 1,613,000 lives

Since 1949 the Chinese communists killed from 5,999,000 to 102,671,000 people; a prudent estimate is 35,236,000. When added to the number they murdered in previous years, the communists likely killed 38,702,000 Chinese, Tibetans, and other minorities.CHINA'S

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MJ said...

Well, maybe thats true, but those numbers are not pure premeditated killings, mostly are just caused by policy failures, if people want to count in famine as killing, european and even USA arent much better, historically seen. Besides, the entire time were and still are civilwar period even til this day, abit different from killings by a foriegn invasion, no?