Friday, December 22, 2006

Bullying based on race in Japan

One of the perpetrators was a male classmate of the Plaintiff’s daughter, who began taunting the victim in first and second grade with calls of “Chinky” (chuugokujin, or “Chinese”). In third grade, this boy was put in her class, and led a gang of three boy and three girl classmates to taunt her. They carried out this bullying in the open, in front of the teacher. From around May 2000, on a daily basis they began calling her “dimwit” (noroma) and “shithead” (unko), and held their noses whenever they came close to call her “stinky” (kusai). Moreover, the ringleader of this bullying gang (”A-kun”) began to inflict repeated violence, such as hitting her head, kicking her legs, and pulling on her hair. Even in class, when the victim stood up to answer a question, A-kun would heckle her, and terrorize her with public comments like “Everyone in this class hates an asshole like you!” (omae wa minna kara kirawarete iru).IJIME LAWSUIT: THE U HODEN CASE

Any sort of bully is unjustified. The girl has not reason to be bullied.
I am not sure she was bullied entirely because her father was Chinese and there might be some cases where a teacher had better leave kids' matter to the kids. but the teacher should know there are some words of bully he/she should not be tolerant about:the things you can not change by will;race is the typical case in point. Besides I think Japanese are too insensitive to race.

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