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Queen Min ----The assasination of Queen Min---Gang-raped????

The Queen heard the commotion and ran into a bush to hide, but she was discovered by the assassins. She was stabbed on the back several times. stripped naked and then gang-raped. The assassins fondled her breasts and genitals laughing. Finally, they took her to a small woodland, poured kerosene on her and lit the fuel. She was burned to death still alive and moaning. Her charred body was buried in the woodland.
Kim Young-Sik, Ph.D. kimsoft

The last Queen of Korea was stripped naked, her genitals fondled, raped, and then burned alive by her Japanese assassins aided by a group of Korean traitors led by the queen's own father in law.

Eijoh's report indicates that the Queen was still alive when she was doused with oil and set on fire. She was sexually molested by the Japanese assassins. Shown at the left is the part of Eijoh's report that describes the murder. It reads:

"We rushed deep into the royal chamber and dragged out the Queen. We stabbed her several times and stripped her stark naked. We examined her genitals (we could laugh or cry in anger) and then poured oil on her body and set her on fire."

Eijoh states that the Queen was stabbed several times, sexually molested and then burned. Eijoh does not mention the Queen was killed before she was set on fire. Eijoh's account is partially corroborated by Korean testimonies that claim that the Queen was stomped on the chest and then knifed. But the Korean accounts do not mention that she was stripped naked and molested. None of the Korean 'witnesses' had actually witnessed the murder and their accounts were second-hand or third-hand.
Lee Wha Rang kimsoft

The above authors' ground for their claim is based on the document on the left, but they mistranstlated it.
It reads in Japanese
王妃を引き出し、二三ヶ処 刃傷に及び且つ裸体とし 局部検査(可笑又可怒)を為し 最後に油を注ぎ 焼失せる等 誠に之を 筆にするに忍び去るなり 其他 宮内大臣は 頗る残酷なる方法を以て 殺害したりと 云う 右は士官も手伝へたれとも 主として兵士外日本人の所為に係るものの如し(「朝鮮王妃事件関係資料」石塚英蔵秘書官{ペン書き・法制局長官末松謙澄宛})toron.pepper韓国人の日本偽史 野平俊水著 より

原文(Modern version)


Translation in English

"Curious spectatores (from outside) entered the castle, in defiance of the warning to stop by guards of four gates, officer rank and file involved in the plot-excution, and they rushed deep into the chamber and dragged out the princess, stabbed a few times, made her naked, examined the spots( genital?),(laughing and in anger) and put oil on her and burned her.It was really cruel beyond description.The soldeirs also helped it and it seems Japanese were also involed in it."

One commentor said,
I said the post-mortem rape was not supported by facts and was actually a symptom of Korean historians' rape fantasies rather than that of Queen Min's assassins.

I think she is right

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