Sunday, February 05, 2006

中国 言論の不自由

By Minnie Chan

Dozens of traffic policemen stormed a party newspaper office in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, and beat up an editor because they were dissatisfied with a report about unreasonable traffic licence charges.

Wu Xianghu, a deputy editor at the Taizhou Evening News, was taken to the city's No. 1 People's Hospital on Thursday afternoon to be treated for severe injuries suffered in the beating, a newspaper employee confirmed yesterday.

"Mr Wu is still in the hospital and weak after receiving medical treatment," said Yang Nengyong.

The China News Service said Wu was first beaten by Li Xiaoguo, a senior officer at the Jiaojiang traffic police department, and then by Mr. Li's subordinates.

The violence stemmed from a report in the Taizhou Evening News on Wednesday about the unreasonable charges associated with acquiring drivers' licences in Jiaojiang district, China News Service said.

Mr. Li was annoyed by the report and went to Wu's office on Thursday morning to demand a public apology from the newspaper, it was reported.

It was alleged that Mr. Li started fighting with Wu after a quarrel and then called on his colleagues to storm the newspaper office.

"I am not a policeman today," Mr Li was quoted as saying while beating Wu in the office.

Local officials confirmed that Mr. Li had mobilised 40 to 50 policemen and about a dozen police cars to converge on the newspaper office.

Wu was also allegedly beaten while he was being taken to the police station, before he was rescued by the newspaper's chief-editor and local government officials and taken to the hospital.

Shao Xianfu, a vice-director of the Taizhou Public Security Bureau, confirmed the attack yesterday.

"Li Xiaoguo has been suspended from duty pending an investigation. The police apologised to Mr. Wu after the incident," he said, adding that the local government was very concerned about the incident.

"We will punish all related persons after a comprehensive investigation," he said.

The violence shocked Taizhou because city authorities had approved the publication of Wednesday's report.

Date Posted: 10/22/2005

South China Morning Post
Saturday, October 22, 2005


批判記事めぐり、警官に暴行受けた新聞編集幹部が死亡 中国



 警察幹部は事件後、警察や共産党内の役職を解かれたという。(共同)(産経 02/04 13:39)

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