Saturday, February 04, 2006


Japan viewed most positively in world poll, Iran most negatively
(Kyodo) _ Japan was most widely viewed as having a positive influence in the world, while Iran displaced the United States as the nation with the most negative rating, according to a BBC World Service survey released Friday.
Positive ratings for Japan exceeded negative ones in 31 of the 33 countries polled, with an average of 55 percent positive and 18 percent negative. The two exceptions were China and South Korea, where 71 percent and 51 percent of respondents, respectively, said Japan has a negative influence.
For China, ratings dropped most notably among European countries and in Canada, but positive views were particularly widespread in African countries2005 Kyodo News

但し、中国と韓国はそう思ってない ーーやっぱり。


BBCの元記事は多分これ かな



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