Tuesday, February 14, 2006

日本中国  日中関係の危機?

Moscow and Beijing have wiped out old border conflicts, signed new trade accords and held large-scale joint military maneuvers.

"There is an increasing chance of a military miscalculation, miscommunication between
the Japan and China militaries that could involve the United States," warned Randall Schriver, a former top East Asian official at the State Department during President George W. Bush's first term of office.

"My understanding is the militaries are coming into contacts (with) the potential for a more dangerous situation," he said.

"I am more worried about a conflagration in the East China Sea than in the Taiwan Strait," said Dan Blumenthal, a former senior director for Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Mongolia at the Pentagon.

He said the Asian region was "very worried" about a potential conflict between Japan and China.

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