Tuesday, February 14, 2006

日本イラン ディレマ

MOSCOW (Kyodo) As the row over Iran's nuclear program escalates, Japan could find itself in a dilemma over how to reconcile its stance against nonproliferation with its desire to develop Iran's Azadegan oil field -- a key element of its future energy strateg
Adding to Japan's dilemma is the fact that China may invest in Azadegan, which is believed to contain 26 billion barrels of crude oil, should Japan pull out from there, a senior Foreign Ministry official said.
We must intensify efforts to persuade Iran more to reach a diplomatic compromise," he said.
Japan is also studying a recent proposal by Russia that Iran carry out uranium enrichment under a joint venture on Russian soil as part of efforts to avert a nuclear crisis over the Iranian nuclear program.

The proposal is part of a broader Russian initiative to help all interested states, including developing countries, gain nuclear energy technology without harming the nonproliferation regimeThe Japan Times: Feb. 14, 2006


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