Monday, February 06, 2006


Kyodo) _ Police sent papers on two U.S. Navy servicemen to prosecutors Monday on suspicion of their involvement in a taxi holdup within Camp Zukeran, Okinawa Prefecture, in January.

The police said Henry Morgan, 20, and Reginald Lowery Jr., 21, are suspected of aking 5,000 yen and $5 from a 61-year-old taxi driver they called in the early morning of Jan. 7 by threatening him with a knife. An alleged accomplice has already returned to the United States.

The two have admitted to the charges, the police said.

The police decided not to request arrest warrants for the two men, as the U.S. Navy said it will hand them over to the Japanese side if prosecutors indict them.

American investigators arrested the two Jan. 27 and the Okinawa police had been questioning them with cooperation from the U.S. side.
Monday February 6, 7:34 PM


第17条5c) 日本国が裁判権を行使すべき合衆国軍隊の構成員又は軍属たる被疑者の拘禁は、その者の身柄が合衆国の手中にあるときは日本国により公訴が提起されるまでの間、合衆国が引き続き行なうものとする、The custody of an accused member of the United States armed forces or the civilian component over whom Japan is to exercise jurisdiction shall, if he is in the hands of the United States, remain with the United


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