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Comfort women:US document to show girls were sold to brokers.


Note: The following is derived from interrogation at C.S.D.I.C.(I) of M.739, and from O.W.I. Interrogation at Ledo Base Stockade of 20 Korean “comfort girls”,

Report dated 21 Sept. 1944.

M.739, his wife and sister-in-law had made some money as restaurant keepers

in Keijo, Korea, but their trade declining they looked for an opportunity to make

more money and applied to Army H.Q. in Keijo for permission to take “comfort girls”

from Korea to Burma. According to P.W. the suggestion originated from Army

H.Q. and was passed to a number of similar Japanese “business men” in Korea.

M.739 purchased 22 Korean girls, paying their families from 300 to 1,000

according to the personality , looks and age of the girl. These 22 girls were of ages

from 19—31. They became the sole property of P.W. and the Army made no profits

from them.
H.Q. Korea Army gave him a letter addressed to all military H.Q. of the

Japanese Army, requesting them to furnish any assistance he might require,

transport, rations, medical attention, etc.

Leaving his sister-in-law to carry on the restaurant, M.739 and his wife, with

their 22 girls, embarked at Fusan on 10 July 1942 in a group of 703 girls, all Korean,

and some 90 Japanese men and women, all of them of the same base sort as himself.

They sailed on a 4,000 ton passenger ship in a convoy of 7 ships. Free passage

Tickets were provided by Army H.Q., but P.W. paid for all meals during the voyages.

They called at Formosa, where 22 other girls bound for Singapore were taken on

board, and at Singapore where they transferred to another ship, arriving at

Rangoon on 20 Aug 1942.

At Rangoon they were divided into groups of 20—30 girls in each and dispersed

to various parts of Burma, each group being attached to various regiments, units or

formations, so that each had its own brothel (s).


It was not uncommon in those days that the boys and girls worked for years under the contract that parents got the prepayment. It was a cruel system but keep in mind the debt bondage system lingered on after the liberation in Korea.
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