Monday, May 28, 2007

Kamikaze pilots

When appointed as a Kamikaze pilot...

I felt as if my existence is no more worth than an ant on the ground.

I felt like shouting out to the superiors, "why don't you go, wimps"

I felt like holding on to something, feeling the feet not standing on the ground, paralyzed with the sense of powerless, I knelt down on the ground.

The days waiting for carring out raids

While having a spree, drinking and drinking, and yet, the center of the head is as sober as ever.

Mr.H told me, "I don't want to die yet, Kuwahara, Replace me. " Next day he returned calm and and went flying with a smile. Having nothing to relieve his sorrow , he might have desaperately trying to find a savior in the the sky that he has adored. 考察NIPPON

Notes before the suicide attack

To little sister
I miss you,Sizu-chan,
It is time to say good bye. I , your brother, am going a raid. I will have fallen into the sea by the time this letter reaches you. Mother and Father died an unexpected death, and now I have to leave you, Sizu-chan, my little sister, alone---it is very sad----forgive me.
I'll leave the banknote and our seal, which you should use when you enter the female school. I'll send my watch and saber, so ask the uncle Kinoshita to sell them for money. Your future life is more important than a memento of me.
The whirling propeller has been waiting for me. I have to go now--go attacking. Don't cry, Sizu-chan. I wish you best.大石清伍長

To Mother
I won't be able to see mother's face--- Let me look at you closely, mother. I don't want to leave a memento of me, because it will make you cry 10 or 20 years later when you look at it.
Mother, I'll fly over my house after I leave Kouriyama city----That will be my last greeting to you.茂木三郎少尉

To my family
I am grateful for mother and father for bringing me up and caring for me 22 years.
Forgive me that I could not have lived up to your expectations.
My body belongs to my parents, at the same time it does not; I have served it to the Emperor. Please accept the fact that my body means little after I joined the army.
I am able to fly into the air battle without worries because I have a great father, mother and two little sisters.
Father, please care for two little sisters Yoshiko and Kazuko, as you had cared for me.
Mother, care for Father for long.
I wish Father, Mother, two sister great health.
Father, dear Father.
Mother, dear Mother.
Thank you for everything for such a long time.
And please keep taking care of Yoshiko, and Kazuko.
Let's meet at Yasukuni.
Well I have to go now. Take care.

Japanese leaders were mad, insane. We can not blame them enough. We also should think of victims of atrocities Japanese troops committed.
But who can say the pilots were just stupid? Who can ignore their agony, sorrow, love, affection?
Who saves their souls? Who listens to their voice disappeared in the sky?
Offering a prayer is not glorification of the cruel war ,but a human condition,

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