Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trainee Visa abuses

It’s becoming a hot issue at last

says Debito :
I am not so optimistic:I am not sure if it is a hot issue as it is supposed to be. but I am sure it will become a hot issue.
As far as the abuse of the trainee is concerned, I think it is a matter of cracking down on the companies and the brokers and setting up the institution to which the trainee can file a complain.
But the real issue is that Japan needs workers from abroad.
If you worked in a job for three years, then for no explicit reason whatsoever you were fired and another person was hired to take your place (probably at a lower wage), wouldn’t you have rights? Of course you would. To a large extent labor laws in Japan protect citizens from such problems. So then why is it okay to do this to foreign laborers? It isn’t. It’s not fair.liberal Japan

That's logical. (Of course if you are hired on a part-time basis, and you might be fired when the contract expires, though).
When you have right to be kept employed, you also need to be granted the right to stay in Japan. So this is a part of the larger issue;immigration.
And I am not sure Japanese are well familiar with the problems of immigrations. At least I am not.
French seems to be taking a harder measures on immigrations and other countries seems to be having a bunch of problems. What are real issues when accepting immigrations?
Economic problems? Clashes of civilizations? or what?

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