Sunday, May 06, 2007

What is wrong with Japanese leftist?

According to a Japanese blogger/依存症の独り言, Japanese leftists, communist, socialist ,
social democrat, in essence, aim a revolution, hence, anti-state, anti-regime is a must. They have no perspective of state interest , national interest:Whatever will jolt status quo, whatever makes the state in trouble is good. That was why Mao welcomed Japanese imperialist: to topple the nationalist army.
Western social democrat by contrast seek social, economic justice, seek more equality, more human rights through a social reconstruction. So French Socialist party has denounced China, saying that China is not making effort to correct ethnic cleansing in Sudan.
Sadly Japanese leftists turn blind eyes on China, as if it was none of their businessf----so he argues.

I am not satisfied with LDP, but something is seriously wrong with the Japanese opposing party.

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