Thursday, May 31, 2007

Japanese newspaper mistook Miss Korea for Miss Universe

UPDATE A commenter says it is not Miss Korea, but Miss Thailand. If that is the case, then AP mistook Miss Thai for Miss Korea and Daily Sports mistook it for Mori. That makes the news funnier. I don't know which is the truth and I don't care. As I said, I don't give a damn who Miss Universe is , much less which national became Miss Universe.

The left is Miss Korea on Daily Sports captioned as "Miss Japan Mori in swimsuite"
The right is Miss Universe, Mori.

Japanese Daily sports posted the photo of Miss Korea as large as a quarter of the page as Miss Universe on May 30.
The editor of Daily Sports says;
The same swimsuit and the similar hairstyle----the staff mistook it. It shouldn't have happen. We apologize to the people concerned.


I don't give a damn about Miss Universe, or whatever. But it is a funny news.

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Anonymous said...

The bigger picture they mistook as Miss Japan is NOT Miss Korea! It's Miss Thailand!