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Comfort women :Korean comfort women during Korean war

I didn't know Korean institutes had admitted in effect that Korea had exactly same comfort station system as Japanse system during Japanese rule.
JoongAngDaily/Japanese 2002.02.24 Tokyo 東京=呉デ泳(オ・デヨン)魚拓

A professor insisted that Korea also had military brothels during Korean war.
Asahi shimbun reported that there was a comfort women system during Korean War similar to Japanese one under Japanese troop.
Asahi reported that Kim kiok(金貴玉), a visiting professor at Kyonam(慶南) university in Korea lectured to this effect on 23rd at the symposium of Doushiha university in Kyoto Japan.
The professor Kim has made it clear that she comfirmed the testimonies to the effect
that (soldiers) used the comfort stations, and (women) were abducted for the brothels.
It is als reported that in the official record, 後方戦史(the war history of the rear troop) , "the stable comfort station" is mentioned and 89 comfort women served "comfort acts" 245600 times at four comfort stations in 1956 alone.
A person concerned in the institutes of Defence Forces Editing (国防軍事編纂研究所) said the troop provided the place under the agreement with women, the payment for comfort acts was distributed from the budget for running military. but it is a different from Japanese system in that Japanese forcibly mobilized civilians for the brothels, violation human right.

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And it is not true that Japanese systematically abducted women, though in some cases in Indonesia , there were cases where military was involved in forcing women for the brothels against policy.








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