Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sankei interview with Gerry

There is nothing especially new in the interview. The article reads:
He was fired when he insisted that Dokdo historically belonged to Japan.
He insists that Japan should tell the fact to the world
He was employed by another university in Korea.
The interviewer was warned by Gerry, told that Gerry got investigated by a intelligent service immediately after the interview.
To the question why Gerry has come to the same conclusion without knowledge of Japanese argument, he answered, "The truth is one and can not be bent."


Anyway it was good Sankei run the article on Gerry. He deserves more attention.

What is more interesting is the article about Dokdo academy in Korea. According to the academy, Japan has 6 step scenario to steal Dokdo.

1 continuous activity for the claim to the territory.
2 preparation to make the issue authentic
3 promote activities to put the issue on the UN meeting
4 create the military crisis to invite the UN intervention
5 file a suit to the ICJ
6 the party who lost the case will initiate military action

I really envy the way they imagine things.

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