Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ahn, Korean professor emeritus at Seoul University, speaks about Comfort station.

Asked by people concerned, I have done
detailed investigation including interviews with the former comfort women:As far as I know, there is no source to show that Japanese troop forcibly mobilized women to make them comfort women. The times was when there were too many stories of selling oneself out of poverty, why was there any need to forcibly mobilize women---it is unreasonable.

Prostitution is essentially the world where violence and deception are involved. It is natural tragic story accompany where brothels are

there are testimonies that the man who looked like a soldier took a woman away, but there were many people who wore clothes similar to a soldier.

Last year, I talked above story on TV, I was bashed so harshly but I'll not stop itlfor,it is undeniable fact that there is no evidence to show there was forced mobilization for comfort women Most member of the new right foundation understand it.

Prime minister Abe should not take the attitude that he would apologize to avoid troubles; it will mislead the discussion in Korea



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