Friday, March 30, 2007

what a coincidence!

Fake Kidnappings Confound Police

By Kim Tong-hyung
Staff Reporter

Amid the soaring unemployment rate and widening gulf between rich and poor, police have their hands full in dealing with all sorts of crimes, big and small, committed by those in desperate need of money.

A particularly annoying trend for law enforcement officials is the growing number of people who are faking their own kidnappings for ransom. As most of the victims of the spoof kidnappings are the suspects' own family members, police are complaining that there is little legal ground for them to arrest the perpetrators.

Last Sunday, detectives at the Socho Police Station in southern Seoul received a call from a young woman who claimed that her father, a 43-year-old Chung, had been kidnapped by his creditors for failing to pay off 58 million won in debts.

More than 2,000 police officers were deployed around Chung's house to search for his whereabouts. However, the search was called off a day later when it was revealed that the abduction was a hoax, a scam organized by Chung himself.Korea times

At the very time the testimony by comfort women is in question.

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