Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New comment-section sheriff at Marmot

Note that “the comfort women thread” had 197 comments but now has I think about 110. Most were removed for being inappropriate on their own or for being endless tit for tat between a few individuals and thus being off topic dialogue. A civilized response to an uncivilized comment qualifies as off topic, too, and will either be similarly deleted or be left hanging, responding to something that’s no longer there. Inappropriate comments should be ignored by other commenters or face this “punishment.” Please note that I just skimmed along and sought out four letter words and such and paid no attention to who said what. Undoubtedly many inappropriate comments remain, and some acceptable comments probably got hit as well. Much of the fight that occured will be incoherent and impossible to follow because most of it’s not there anymore. Too bad.oranckay

The result is
78 baduk
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“baduk, I agree that business comes first. However, is it too much to ask that your business partner to stop saying your ma’s a whore and your grandfather wanted to be my slave out of his own will?”
–> Nobody, I believe, is saying that. If you become too emotional, people have difficulty following your argument. This sex slave thing is a minor, minor problem. Something that happened more than sixty years ago. Isn’t it time to move on?

“Korea doesn’t have to “serve” anybody.
They have a right to demand equality, state to state.”
–> Sure. Tell that to the Vietnamese. Once the US troops pulled out, the whole country got eaten up by the Commies. Have a right to demand? You can demand all you want but you are shouting in a forest. All you hear is your echo. Nobody will stand for you. Nobody!
The UN is a joke. European countries and the US will only help Korea if that goal aligns with their national interests. I say it one more time, “there is no such thing as the international community that enforces justice”. None. Every country works for itself.
Therefore, Koreans should be very careful. And, think deeply about what works. The Chinese will be a very damaging master. They may literally come and take women away, something the Japanese has not done. The Chinese can be very old-fashioned brute; they are stuck at 15th century where these abominable and horrible things were allowed.
The Japanese, at least, have some money and try to be civilized. They are shifty and evil fellows but at least they try. The Chinese may just say, “soldiers need women. Round up mothers, sisters and daughters and ship them to the front!” No pay. No exceptions.

Choose the lesser of two evils.
(empahsis mine)

Might Sheriff have missed the comment by accidident? Or.....


Anonymous said...

Marmot is an asshole. He will encourage kyopos like WJK JK orgami, and pawi to insult Japan expats and the USA.

zero said...

I am not sure if it is asshole,I think in general it is a good blog, but I was wondering why orancky left the following comment by co-blogger?


87 Robert Koehler
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"Pawi, I didn’t avoid it. I simply chose to ignore it (as I did you “how many Korean male friends do you have” red herring you thew up in a previous comment thread) because it was a dumb question based on a (typically) poor analogy. Nice try, though.

Matt—There is a lot I don’t like in this thread, including your use of the term “Kyopo Lunatic.”

Gerry—Do you think the fact that so many colonial women were being sent to war zone comfort stations, while possibly indicating the difficulty of economic conditions in the colonies, might also indicate the level of regard the Japanese held non-Japanese womenfolk?"

Isn't Orancky supposed to delete the comment to the inappropriate comment as off topic?

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