Saturday, March 17, 2007

Should Korea apoogize for its involovement with the Imperial Japan like Aurstia?

Austria, combined with Germany at the wartime, has accepted to be as a loser of the WW2, and apologized to their victims.
But Korea have refused to be a loser of that war while there were at least 6 Korean lawmakers of Japanese Parliament, a Korean vice admiral, many Korean commissioned officers and soldiers of Japanese army at WW2. What’s more, the current South Korean government and Army directly took over from the governor-general of Korea and Korean units of the former Imperial Japanese Army.
Korean should apologize to their victims of WW2 and Vietnam War.kato/Japan probe

Did Aursria apoligize?

February 14, 2000: Austrian politician Joerg Haider apologizes for giving offense by praising Hitler's employment policies and former members of the Waffen SS

April 7, 2000: The Austrian government apologizes for having provided a political haven to former Nazis after World War II.

April 29, 2002: Austria apologizes for a clinic at Am Spiegelgrund in which 789 mentally handicapped children were subjected to medical experiments and murder during the Nazi regime.Political Apologies: Chronological List

That is better than none.

The problem is how much Korean people were involoved with Japanese military.
For those who are interested in it, see War collabolatoin under Japanese rule

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