Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bengal Famine

But it's a full-on outrage, a crime, that Western historians still ignore all the brutal genocides the British forced on us in India both during and before WWII. The most egregious example is the Bengal Famine in East India, in which 3-5 MILLION Indians were end by that bastard Winston Churchill, and it was all intentional:

Notice the term, "Rice Denial Scheme"-- when Indian Independence movement began to spring up in 1941-42, Churchill and his fellow British mbutt liquidateers found it all too convenient to wipe out as many Indians as possible with a nice pre-planned famine. The British humiliation at Singapore gave them the perfect excuse so in 1942, they shut down the Bengali farms (Bengal a center of the Indian Resistance Movement) and confiscated the rice and other crops to make sure those rebellious Hindus died nice and quiet, see. This was the same Churchill who with Arthur Harris pushed for contagion gas to be used in the Middle East when the Brits were as usual having their buttes kicked by the "inferior" tribes that they disdained.

This was of course nothing new. After the War of Independence in 1857, the Brits saw fit to mbuttacre who knows how many millions of Indians in the same sorts of famines and attacks. (Dyer in 1919 thought he was doing the same sort of thing at Jallian Wala Bagh.) My grandfather used to tell me the stories about the things the Brits did to people out in Bengal, Delhi, Bihar in the years following 1857, when I was old enough to understand, and it still chills your blood. Tossing whole families into small wooden sheds and setting them ablaze. That old Roman punishment, forcing water into people under their kidneys broke down and they died writhing on the ground. Forcing teenagers, adolescent kids, to shoot and kill their own relatives who were suspected of being "insurgents" against the East India Company. And those poor natives of Andaman, not to mention the ones in Australia who were also in the East India Company's path and had their civilization nearly wiped out-- the Nazis could never compare with what those bastards did in terms of the way they utterly took out those ancient cultures. British Bengal famine and other ignored genocides of WWII

On the other hand wiki provides another view. It seems the wiki's article just resembles what is said about Bataan Death March by Japanese apologists.


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BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / Kono's statement on 'comfort women' created misunderstanding

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