Sunday, March 04, 2007

the consequence of the US resolution

posted a good analysis on the US congress move to the resolution on comfort women issue.

Who's winner if it it passed.?
China and Korea.
Who's loser?
I think it is the US.

Japanese in general trusted the US and thought she was on Japan's side. The US expressed she is on Japan's side each time North Korean issue cropped up. In particular, the media emphasized that the US supported Japan on the issue of abductions by North Korea. I think that has really given Japanese trust on the US.
But when the US passes the resolution without examining
the case closely and sort of order Japan to apologize, Japanese reaction will not be good. Many of them would just repeat the claim that Japan has already apologized, that comfort women were not systematically kidnapped by Japanese army, etc at the same time they would lose trust in the US. Others might come to think the US is arrogant Uncle Sam, let's keep more distance from her.

It is like Japanese diet passes the resolution to demand that the US formally apologize to Germans POW who got killed due to the mistreatment by the US or to demand to the US that the US admit war criminals who went unpunished at Tokyo trial or to demand that the US compensate for the comfort women for GIs during the occupation.
What would be the US citizen's reaction? In paritcula if the allegation is not examined closely?

Koizumi was the type for whom first , the US , second, the US and the last the US. Abe is different. For Abe, first the US, second, the allies like India and Australia.
The world alliance map might change slightly due to this
incident. Not that the US will not be the first alliance
of Japan;it will be. but that the emphasis on the level of corporation with the US on international issue might change.

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