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Comfort women. Japanese police regulated illegal Korean pimps


kaneganese at occdetallismi
These are articles on the newspaper during the colonization in Korea. Four articles says Korean pimps deceived and kidnapped women, including Japanese. (The last article does not specify the nationality). Four articles say Japanese police arrested them, The last article says the police are on the verge of arresting them.

Thus there are records Japanese police regulated illegal pimps. but so far there is no record Japanese police/military officers kidnapped women except some inconsistent testimonies made more than 50 years later helped by Koreans with the concept of what military police must have acted like,

Note that I am not denying there were cases where military men raped women. In case of testimonies by Filipino "comfort women", the cases are most likely to be the cases of rapes. That was illegal as in any military.

The original text is relatively old documents that Japanese scholars have already examined and debated.
The text in question is the collection of the police report.

It includes such records as
” ,
醜業ヲ目的トスル婦女ノ渡航ニ際シ身分証明書ヲ発� ��スルトキハ(中略)婦女売買又ハ略取誘拐等ノ事� �ナキ様特ニ留意スルコト
When issuing the ID card for prostitutes in sailing, pay special attention so that no trade of women, no kidnapping may not take place.

支那事変地ニ於ケル慰安所設置ノ為、内地ニ於テ之� ��従業婦等ヲ募集スルニ当リ、(中略)募集ノ方法� �誘拐ニ類シ警察当局ニ検挙取調ヲ受クルモノアル等 注意ヲ要スルモノ少ナカラサルニ就テハ将来是等ノ� ��集等ニ当リテハ派遣軍ニ於イテ統制シ云々

When recruiting female workers in Japan in order to set up comfort station at the place of China incident. there are many pimps who are investigated and detained because the way they recruit
was similar to kidnapping. In the future, the army will regulate recruiting.

(Keep in mind the brothel was legal bussiness in those days.)

And this document (時局利用婦女誘拐被疑事件ニ関スル件」(1938年2� �7日付) makes it clear that
The army asked to set up the brothels.
The embassy held authority to permit or not to permit the brothel and it issued ID for the travel.
(that means the brothels were run by private citizens.)
Kenpei transport workers including comfort women.
The military officers prepared the place and the house for brothel and medical check up.

And I have found the incident the professor cited.
1938年2月7日付の「時局利用婦女誘拐被疑事件ニ関 スル件」と題した報告
The police detained three men, two brothel owners, and the one a pimp, suspicious of kidnapping.
They answered there was a plan by military to ask the agent to recruit 3000 comfort women, and they were recruiting at Shanghai, the contract was that 5 yen for each military officer, and 2 yen for the each subordinate soldier the women would be back two year later when the military would go back, the woman could borrow up to 800 yen . Two women have already applied it.
Not believing the story, the police arrested them.
They had no permit for the business but they showed the business card of the secretary of the ministry of internal affair and they insisted that they were recruiting women being asked by military, so the police should give them the permit to sail.
The police confirmed where they lived and another police issued issued to them the document that prove they were recruiting comfort women and since there were little possibility that they will escape or they will hide and destruct evidences, the police gave in and released them though there were still some suspicion.

The Korean professor in the article, it seems is not telling a truth at all.
1) 3000 is not the number they sent. It is the number pimps said the military had in mind.
2) it does not say the police found out they were kidnapping women.ponta /Marmot


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▲ 至正十四年奴婢文書 全羅南道 海南郡  1354年?

▲ 奴婢文書(尚州黄氏家 奴婢戸籍 ハングル謄草)  康煕5,29年 1666,1690年
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■ 19世紀

「慰安婦」の「強制連行」の嘘については改めて言うまでもないが、朝鮮は農政が崩壊した 「三政紊乱」の 十九世紀には、すでにアジア最大の「慰安婦」(売春婦)輸出国になっている。
chosun 人慰安婦は中国商人によって安く買い取られ、満州を初め中国各地、そして台湾にまで売られている。
彼女たちは終戦まで、台湾の地方にまで広がっていた。 私の故郷でも最大の売春宿は chosun人の経営で、 chosun人売春婦たちが働いていた。

■ 正論 2003年6月号  P.116  評論家(活動家) 黄文雄 ( 在日台湾人  拓殖大学客員教授 )

▲ 奴婢文書  1886-1905年頃

▲ 順天?の奴婢市場?  

現代に生きる朝鮮の伝統!(ENJOY Korea)

■ 日帝時代







(2)「民籍を偽造 醜業を強制」


「市内に住む呉*換は、漢南楼という商号で娼妓していたが、朴*南という16歳の少女を350円で買い、年齢不足で娼妓が出来ないため、 兄弟の戸籍を使って営業許可を得ようとしていたことが発覚。前記のような方法で多数の幼い少女を使っていた・・・(一部略)」



就職を餌に処女を誘い出し 烏山でも一名が被捉。







「群山の紹介業者、田斗*(38歳)は、去る11月15日、釜山に住む下*テイコ(19歳)と同じ市内の菅*静香(17歳)を満州で就職を世話してやると 甘言を用い、さらに遊郭に売るという委任状を偽造しようとし、群山につれていこうとしている時に召還、現在取調中・・・」とある(一部略)




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