Sunday, March 11, 2007

The US has given up on Japan, Bolton.

The former U.S.Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton criticized
the meeting between the US and North Korea on 5th and 6th in the interview with Yomiuri, saying that the US should not start talking about cancelling the appointing North Korea as a terrorist country until the issue of the abduction is settled. ........The US has given up on Japan, in particular the issue of abduction....*1

That Japan's Prime Minister is seen as calling on North Korea to come clean on the kidnapping of a handful of Japanese while casting doubt on his own country's responsibility for the trauma suffered by possibly hundreds of thousands of sex slaves — many of them Korean — doesn't exactly help his negotiation position.......

Abe's refusal to compromise even slightly on the abductions means that Pyongyang and Tokyo will remain estranged — which puts Japan a bit out of step with a U.S. ally that's suddenly ready to engage with North KoreaTime/With reporting by Toko Sekiguchi/Tokyo

Politics, all too politics.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will sign a joint security declaration when Howard visits Japan from Sunday, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Friday in an interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun.(Mar. 10, 2007)/yomiuri

This is a good news.As the old saying goes, there are some gods who give up on you, there are other gods who save you.

I had an interesting talk with an old woman who know little about politics. She said NK was wise in declaring she had nuclear weapon: the US didn't attack her, the Iraqi
was stupid, declaring she had no atomic bomb nor chemical weapon; the US attacked her. She said quite innocently, "why don't we start making nuclear weapon and declare that we have it. ------Too simple and inconsiderate, and yet there might be some truth in it.







 そのうえで、北朝鮮やイランの核問題解決には、「経済的、政治的に圧力をかけ、西側との金融取引を禁じるなどして内側から体制変革を促していくしかない」と主張。北朝鮮の核放棄を確認するには、国連安全保障理事会常任理事国の査察官による、場所や日時を問わない「侵入的査察」が必要と指摘した。(2007年3月11日12時23分 読売新聞)

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