Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yasukuni/Omae's analysis

Omae Kenichi
1.It is obvious that Hirohito emperor,who holded the supreme command under Meiji constitution, is responsible for the war.
2.He was given a new role for the advantage of the occupation.without being holded the responsibility.
3.It is understood that all the responsibility lies in A criminals.
4.The emperor visited Yasukuni for a while after the war.
5.He quited visiting after A criminals was enshrined.
6 Japan-China friendship was built on the understanding that A criminals were responsible for the war and both nationals were victims.
7. China insists that we must start asking all over again the question as to who should be held responsible for the war,if Japanese prime minister visits Yaskuni,which enshrine A criminals,
8.Koizumi insists that an individual be free to pray for the war-dead,and that a foreign nations should not interfere with a domestic matter.
9.Many Japanese are content with the second role of the emperor,and appreciate and respect him.He died in 1989.
10.Tomita memo and memorial record in 90's make it clear that he assumed the only second role.

Given this background, it is clear that three hidden agenda make the issue hard to understand.
1.The emperor forgets the fact that he was pardoned for political purpose and he tried to distance himself from A-criminals,pretended that he himself was a victim.
2.Then Tanaka faction and then Chinese administrators interpreted the postwar arbitrarily without making its presuposition known to the nationals and they abused the interest and right of ODA and so on.
3.While Koizumi was busy attacking Tanaka faction,stepping on a detonator of the interest and right....he got in the dilemma(visiting Yasukuni,not visiting Yasukuni is no good.


Chidoriagafuchi is only for war deads. It is not planned to include A criminals.
Public officers should go to Chidorigafuchi,and should not visit Yasukuni.
Yasukuni shrine, do whatever you want.

I am not inclined to blame only A criminals. We can create a new nation,and we can progress only if Japanese nationals and the emperor equally take responsibility.






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