Monday, August 14, 2006

Korea/Japan/National flag

61st Liberation Daykorea herald


In contrast,

Wed Jul 26, 11:57 AM ET

TOKYO (AFP) - A music teacher lost a court battle over her refusal to stand up to honor Japan's flag and anthem, which are both often seen as symbols of the country's militarist past

"It is not deemed an abuse of authority for the education board to take the action on the grounds that she committed an act unbecoming a public servant and breached her obligation to concentrate on duty," presiding judge Yasuo Kanai saidlink

the Tokyo government led by Governor Ishihara circulated detailed instructions on the mandated use of the flag and anthem at school ceremonies such as entrance and graduation events

You[The Japanese emperor] said it is "desirable not to force" teachers and students across the nation to hoist the Hinomaru flag, and sing the Kimigayo anthem in unison at school.

Though I think it is wrong to force people to hoist the Japanese flag,to sing the national anthem,the point here is not that.In Japan, people are such that they don't hoist the flag like people in Korea and some people even refuse to do that even when it is occupational obligation.People hoisting the national flag willingly like the people in Korea above would be regarded as ultra-nationalists in Japan.

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