Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Monday August 14, 6:06 PM
China to lure Japan FDI despite political strains
BEIJING, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Japanese firms will remain drawn to China despite political tensions and plans to diversify their overseas investments, the Japan External Trade Organisation said on Monday.

Japanese foreign direct investment in China hit a record $6.5 billion last year despite anti-Japanese demonstrations in April 2005 and a boycott of Japanese products, triggered by Tokyo's perceived failure to atone for wartime atrocities.

having made considerable investment already, and having built complementary relations in manufacturing and sales, the Chinese market remains important and attractive for Japanese concerns, and it will remain the focal point in Asia for their investment activity for some time to come,"Reuter

In other words, whether Koizumi visit Yakukuni or not, Japan and China are doing well economically.Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni might damage Chinese domestic issue,but it harms no economical relation between the two.Is that why Koizumi visited Yasukuni?

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