Thursday, August 03, 2006


According to police, the victim worked for more than 12 hours a day at a farm to produce dried seaweed. He was beaten by the suspect every day. He also lost a finger because the suspect did not take him to a hospital, police said. Mr. Woo's life as a "slave" ended when the suspect abandoned him on the mainland after hearing about the TV program.
"Most neighbors of the suspects have known about the abuse for a long time, but they did not interfere because they were friends with the suspects. The neighbors were kind of abettors," an official at the agency said.
Some blamed society's prejudice against the disabled. "People have the wrong perception that it is OK to beat the disabled because they are retarded," said Kim Hee-sun, head of the human rights department of the Research Institute of the Differently Abled Person's Rights in Koreajoongang


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