Friday, August 18, 2006


Cards Played by the Chinese Communist Regime

Renowned political commentator Cao Changqing pointed out that being anti-Japan and banning anti-Japan protests has already become one political card for Chinese communist regime to play to secure its own ruling. When anti-Japan sentiment is needed, it will be instigated; otherwise it will be forbidden. This shows that the mainland regime is already extremely weak, and it can only maintain its rule through such roguish means.
Even when the Chinese communist regime condemns Japan, it doesn't do so on the basis of morality or justice. In fact, it is just playing politics, using incidents to instigate nationalistic sentiments to further the apparent legitimacy of its rule.

When Chinese regime feels that anti-Japan sentiment is beneficial to its rule, or an anti-Japan movement could gain more support from the military, or when distractions are needed to allay scrutiny of big disasters, the regime will incite the anti-Japan feelings of the populace. The regime never really looks at Japan, or indeed the international environment. It is mainly concerned with its own political need.
If Junichiro Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni Shrine is wrong, then the Chinese Communist Party is a war criminal and continues to commit crimes. The Party has killed many more Chinese people than those killed by the Japanese in World War II, and its crimes are even worse.

If a Chinese truly loves his own country, then he should first look into the crimes the CCP has committed and end the rule of this war criminal to free China.epoch timesAug 17, 2006

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