Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Japanese government has confirmed that the country’s most famous victim of North Korea’s bizarre abduction policy, Megumi Yokota, is dead but is hiding the fact for political reasons, a Korean activist claimed Thursday. Choi Sung-yong, president of the Family Assembly Abducted to North Korea made the remark in an interview with Jiji Press.Chosun

This is crazy,mad,insane.Suppose Yokota is dead.How about other Japense who had been abducted.How about Korean people who had been abducted.

I want to eat Kimchi to explode just like some Koreans.

North Korea has maintained that Yokota, who was abducted from Niigata Prefecture in 1977, committed suicide in 1994.

But, brushing aside the suicide story as a fabrication, the Japanese government has kept its view that Yokota and all other Japanese abductees confined in North Korea are still alive and demanded that Pyongyang allow them to return to Japan.

Concerning Yokota, North Korea provided Japan with bones as her remains, but Japanese DNA tests have found they are not Yokota's.

In the interview, Choi rebutted that Japan's National Research Institute of Police Science actually failed to identify the bones in its DNA testing.

He also quoted a Japanese government source as saying that when the government assigned the testing to Teikyo University, it already decided to take the stance of not recognizing the bones' authenticity.August 17, 2006 mainichi

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