Friday, August 11, 2006


Prince Mikasa, 90, a brother of Emperor Showa, apologized to former Chinese President Jiang Zemin for Japan's conduct in the Sino-Japanese War, at a banquet in the Imperial Palace during the latter's visit to Tokyo in 1998, according to Jiang's book recently published in China.

"I'm still profoundly ashamed of the violence committed by the Imperial Japanese Army. I want to apologize to the Chinese people," the prince was quoted as saying.yomiuri

偉いね。ところで、Jiang Zemin ってのは江沢民のことだね。江沢民は傲慢な人間だと言われているが、だからといって謝罪して悪いわけじゃない。とは言え、謝罪ばかり要求されるのも困るものだね。中国はまず自国の国民に謝罪すべきじゃないのか?

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