Thursday, August 10, 2006


17% of Car Accident Patients Are Phony

One out of every six patients from traffic accidents is “phony,” the Korean Non-life Insurance Association announced Tuesday.korea times

This is via Lost Nomad and the funny commment follows.
freind of mine got in an accident about 6 months or so back. Not his fault of course. So in dealing with the insurence rep right out the front gate of Camp Humphries - HIS REP TOLD HIM TO FAKE AN INJURY TO GET MORE MONEY! Even though he was fine. Luckily (for the Korean guy), he’s an honest person - and refused to fake any injury.

The kicker is - when he said we WILL NOT fake an injury just to get more money - his insurence rep (korean woman) looked at him like ****HE**** was crazy!Lazy_Contractor at lost nomad

1 liar

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