Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The separation of the A criminals' name from Yasukuni does not solve the issue unless Yasukuni's view on history that glorifie the militarism attitude that honor the people who annexed Korea, honoring Korean victims at Yasukuni---these things must be changed.


Those differences have most likely cost South Korea its hotline to the White House and have driven it into isolation in the international community. Japan has aligned itself with the U.S. ever more closely as South Korea drifted away. The new overtures this government has made toward China have produced no echoes. This administration also tried to open a line to the North in an attempt to ease its isolation with its "one nation" rhetoric.

It is a sad president who is unable even to visit the North “indirectly.”

Why does South Korea find itself isolated in the international community and its communication channels with the North blocked at the same time?

Such slogans from the administration originate in an unusual mindset that reads the world not as it is but as it wants it to be. While every other country on earth lives in the orbit of world powers, our government insists that all other countries should circle around South Korea. Geocentrist leaders who persist that the sun circles the Earth are driving the satellite called South Korea on a collision course.

If Japan separated the A criminal's name from shrine,China would reconcile with Japan, and Korea would be more isolated.

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