Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Takeshima/Dokdo ----1882 Japanese map

SEOUL, Oct. 25 (Yonhap) -- Copies of two old Japanese maps show that Japan has traditionally seen the Dokdo islets as a territory belonging to Korea, which refutes Tokyo's claim that they are part of Japan, a scholar who found them said Wednesday.

The maps, dating from 1882 and 1893 and revealed by Yuji Hosaka, a professor of Japan Studies at Seoul's Sejong University, are the latest discovery of historic documents that back the Korean ownership. The 1882 map of Korea produced by a Japanese warrior named Keisaku Suzuki marks the Dokdo islets and nearby Ulleung Island as part of Joseon, Korea's final kingdom (1392-1910), he said, and the islets are nowhere to be seen in the other map that shows the Japanese territory in 1893.

Let's see if this is true.
Here is an accurate map of takeshima/Dokdo

By superimposing this map on the map in question, we get the the third map .

You can see that the Takeshima on it was not referring to present-day Takeshima/Dokdo, but to the non-existent island, "Argnaut", mapped by the British.

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"These are the clear evidence that the Japanese people in the 19th century saw Dokdo as the land of Joseon," Hosaka, a Japanese-born naturalized Korean, said.

So this is not an clear evidence at all.
The point is this. Japan has accurate maps of Takeshima and inaccurate maps confused by western maps. Korea has none. What Korea need to do is positively to show that Korea recognized Dokdo and Korea had effective control over Dokdo instead of nitpicking Japanese maps.And just stop keeping telling lies.
In 1900, Korea's Joseon Dynasty issued a decree over the islets in the name of Emperor Gojong. Korea also says that the territorial notice by the local Japanese government is faulty because it was made when Japan technically occupied Korea as its colony.

This is what I call lies.
In 1900, Korea claimed the title to 石島,Seokto, which is not Dokdo.
In 1905, Korea was not annexed. She had every right to file a complaint, and in fact,
she had done it on other matters.
Finally, Korea has no evidence that Korea knew Dokdo before 1905.

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