Tuesday, October 10, 2006

South Korean reactions to the North's experiment

Here are some reactions of netcitizen in South Korea.
◆Nuclear experiment of North Korea is the celebration of our race.
◆Let's celebrate this day as a memorial day like the day when Hangul was invented.
◆Now that we have an nuclear weapon, we belong to the strong nations.
◆Let's become strong race using nuclear weapon as the shields.
◆The nuclear weapon of North Korea belongs to us, South Korea.
◆Korean race stands out among countries of the world as the one nuclear sovereign nation.
◆Now that we have nuclear weapon it is less likely that the US would take the hard line policy.


あるネチズンは「いまやわが民族も核を保有し、強大国に仲間入りした」と歓迎の意を表した。 「すぐにも国慶日に指定しよう」というやや過激な主張もあった。 このネチズンは「韓半島の平和のために核を保有する必要がある。韓民族であることが誇らしく感じる日」とも書いた。

別のネチズンは「核を盾に弱小国から強力な民族に成長しよう」と主張した。 また「9日は‘ハングルの日’だが、ハングルの創作ほど光栄であり、民族の自信がみなぎる日」というコメントもあった。


あるネチズンは「北朝鮮の核武装で米国が超強硬策に出る余地はむしろ減った」とし、「周辺国の被害を考慮し、米国が核を持つ国を先に攻撃することはないはず」といういい加減な予想を出した。japanese.joins.com/2006.10.10 13:12:28

President Roh Moo-hyun on Monday admitted that the government’s engagement policy with North Korea “faces difficulties under the circumstances.”

Roh and Abe agreed that North Korea’s decision to carry out the nuclear test is “intolerable” and vowed to cooperate with the U.S. and China in addressing the issue.chosun

So what is the balancer doing?





The U.S. believes that in a broader context, money and technology given to the North via the two inter-Korean projects are subject to the ban, saying they could pay for WMD development. When U.S. Ambassador to Korea Alexander Vershbow said Tuesday that Seoul may need to take a second look at all programs that benefit the North Korean regime, he was thinking of the two projects. When the envoy visited the opposition Grand National Party on Wednesday, he again said he would make no specific recommendations about the projects, but added it was crucial that South Korea and China stop giving money to North Korea. He said the first key point of the UN resolution will be to prevent the spread of WMD, and the second to stop funds for the development of such weapons.

The government says the U.S. draft, even if it is adopted, does not affect the two inter-Korean projects. “It’s not clear in what way the funds going into the North via the two projects are directly related with WMD,” a government official here said. “It’s not enough to change the government’s position on the matter.” The government believes that continuing the two projects is helpful in maintaining a dialogue channel with North Korea. “If the U.S. version is adopted, we may face a situation where the U.S. claims that the two projects should be subject to the resolution and we claim otherwise,” another official admitted.chosunliebo

But the government appeared to have done a sudden U-turn on Wednesday. U.S. President George W. Bush said Wednesday the UN Security Council resolution against the North “should also specify a series of measures to prevent North Korea from exporting nuclear or missile technologies and prevent financial transactions or asset transfers that would help North Korea develop its nuclear missile capabilities.” That would include the package tours and the industrial park, which have been cash cows for the North. At the moment, it is unclear how the government will address this issue.link

South Korea still does not understand the reality of international community.

A JoongAng newspaper poll, several days after the reported nuclear test Monday, found 78 percent of respondents thought South Korea should revise its policy, and 65 percent said South Korea should develop nuclear weapons to protect itself.

"If the government stops the tours to Mount Kumgang, that will really send a message that they are serious," Mr. Lankov said.

The resort, run by South Korean conglomerate Hyundai Asan, has welcomed more than 1 million tourists from the South since 1998, earning the impoverished North hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign currency.
Business has continued at the engagement policy's second flagship project, the joint North-South industrial complex at Kaesong, just inside North Korea
Washington Times / 2006-10-15 14:35:20 via今日の覚書、集めてみました

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