Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chinese Soldiers Shoot Tibetans---outrageous---The lie was revealed

Here is an article and a video about the incident.
There is no excuse, China: Nangpa La video shows border guards sharpshoot refugees

First they said they didn't know. That's when the pictures showed up.

"The cowardice of the Communists is apparent. How truly timid and insecure they are to fear monks and a child." Image of some of the captured children and border guards, courtesy of Slovenian climber Pavle Kozjek (click to enlarge).

Before the Chinese came in and took over Tibet (July 1949), Tibet had 5 million people and nothing to do with China. One million Tibetans have since been killed, and 6,000 monasteries have been ruined. Today the Tibetan people are a minority in their own country. All the better jobs go to the Chinese people living in Tibet. The voice of Tibetan culture is now merely a rasp in the wind, its colorful history a shadow of the past. Image of Nangpa La pass and Tibetan youth compiled by ExplorersWeb.

At first they said they didn't know. "I've seen the reports about this, but I've no knowledge of the specific situation," Liu Jianchao, a ministry spokesman, told a news conference in Beijing about the shootings at Nangpa La.

That's when the pictures showed up.

Only hours later, China admitted. But now they claimed self-defense. A Xinhua report said that the people trying to cross the border attacked the soldiers, who were then "forced to defend themselves."

Fear of monks and a child

Not a chance, reported Romanian climber Sergiu Matei. ”The Chinese militias were hunting Tibetans onto the glacier...shooting them like rats, dogs, rabbits - you name it.” And Sergiu has video to prove it.
Click to watch video at www.protv.roMountEverestnet

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