Monday, April 30, 2007

Comfort women/Testimony/Yong-su/

A japanese blogger asks why she changed her testimony again? What does it mean?
“When I resisted the rape by Japanese soldiers, my legs were severely damaged. Though my legs were bleeding, I didn’t feel the pain and begged them to let me live. But the Japanese soldiers tortured me with electric shocks. I can still remember calling out for my mother in fear." In a classroom of Harvard UniversityChosun ilbo/ Apr.30,2007

The man who had accompanied us from Taegu turned out to be the proprietor of the comfort station we were taken to. We called him Oyaji. I was the youngest amongst us. Punsun was a year older than me and the others were 18, 19 and 20. The proprietor told me to go into a certain room, but I refused. He dragged me by my hair to another room. There I was tortured with electric shocks. He was very cruel. He pulled out the telephone cord and tied my wrists and ankles with it. Then, shouting ‘konoyaro!’ he twirled the telephone receiver. Lights flashed before my eyes, and my body shook all over. I couldn’t stand it and begged him to stop. I said I would do anything he asked. But he turned the receiver once more. I blacked out. When I came round my body was wet; I think that he had probably poured water on me.Hearing on

Protecting the Human Rights of Comfort Women

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The person who tortured her with elect shocks has changed from a proprietor of the comfort station to a soldier. Hmmm. so did both soldier and the propietor tortued with electric shocks? Or Was Oyaji, the propriator, the soldier?

The blogger said she did it again. What does it mean?
It seems she is notroious for changing the content of testimony.
Here is the list.(The testimonies were made to the groups that support her.)

The year of testimony...the age she was recruited....the year she was recruied.....the length of the year she worked as a comfort woman......the people who recruited her.

old....?.....a private broker.(case #8 "The Japanese beckoned to us to follow him....He looked as if he was in his late thirties and he wore a sort of People's Army uniform with a combat cap.He handed me a bundle and old me I would find a dress and a pair of leather shoes in it.
People's army uniform with a combat cap is kokuminfuku(national uniform) for male citizens.---zero)

2002 /june?......?......14 years old......the man recruited her at the point of a bayonet

....1944.....3 years.....16years old....the man who looked like a soldier

2005/april1944.....16 Korean years old/14or15 Japanese years old... 10months(until the end of the war).a woman and soldier recruited her by force...the solder blocked her mouth(no mention of .a bayonet

old....a soldier abducted her.

...1944....? ......15 years old.....a solder threaten her to come with him

1944....?......16years old....she followed the man who wore a sort of People’s Army uniform with a combat cap

2007/march 1944.....?.....14 years old.....a soldier took her from her house

The age she was recruited has changed but it might be due to the difference of counting system.

But what is notable is that she said she worked for 3 years since she was recruited in 1944.That means she worked as a comfort woman after the liberation. But she changed her testimony in 2005. Then again she said she worked as a comfort woman for three years in 2006. But for some reason In 2007 US hearing, she said she was released at the end of War and teturned home.

And the person who recruited her and the way she was recruited has changed from time to time.

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