Friday, April 06, 2007

Korean professor speaks about comfort women

Park said, “It’s a fact that Koreans, too, were involved in the process of mobilizing comfort women. I think the responsibility for that wrongdoing surely rests with Korea, too.”

In particular, he she said one Korean comfort women he she interviewed said she was sold into it by her stepfather, and she said she hated her stepfather even more than the Japanese military.

He She also said the comfort women weren’t a uniquely Japanese phenomenon, and that research has appeared indicating that the ROK Army ran comfort brigades during the Korean War.

He She added that he she understood Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s statement that the Japanese military did not coerce—in the narrow sense of the word—women into the comfort stations, and that it was unfortunate that many people took his statement as meaning there were no comfort women at all.

He She also made clear that in talking about Korea’s responsibility for the comfort women, he she did not mean to minimize Japan’s wrongdoing, but by realizing the role of Koreans in the comfort women issue, Korean criticism of Japan would change.Marmot

At last......

But I am not sure how many days she can survive as a professor in Korea.
It might be that they will be called pro-Japanese neo-nationalist, and holacaust denier.
And fifty years later, a few Korean prostitutes in the US will testify they have been kidnapped and abused by American officers, and Korea people will stand up against the former substantive colonizer, the US, and they will see to it that Chinese congress will pass the resolution that the US should apologize and compensate for the former massage parlor women, euphemism for the forced Korean prostitutes in the US, blaming, in addtion, that the US sold Korea to Japan.
It is regrettable that I won't be living 50 years later.


"위안부 가해성 책임 한국에도 있다"

[YTN TV 2007-04-06 2









"(慰安婦) 動員過程で韓国人も関与した事実があります.そんな加害性に対する責任は確かに韓国にもあると思います."







会見に一緒に一わだ春樹東京大学名誉教授は去る 95年創立されたアジア女性基金は日本政府と国民が 50年ぶりに傷ついたアジア女性に対するお詫びと補償の道に出たのだと評価してしかし事業が中途で終わって限りである間仲直りは充分に成り立たなかったと指摘しました.

東京で YTN ユンギョングミンです.


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