Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tibet and Olympic

BEIJING -- Three Americans and a Tibetan-American were detained on Mount Everest on Wednesday as they called for independence for Tibet and protested against the Beijing Olympics, an activist group

China has been keeping a low profile with regard to Japan. China was relatively silent about the issue of comfort women and for some reason, it seems China is trying to calm down anti-Japan sentiment.
Japan admits killing of civilians in Nanjing massacre/(Xinhua)link

It is long time ago that Japan admitted Japanese troop committed atrocity in Nanjing; it is only that China didn't let it known among Chinese people.

On the other hand, Onishi is still busy propagating his agenda.
Japanese fund to aid former sex slaves is denouncedlink

Politically, Japan has been taking ad hoc measures to handle these international issues, but there is nothing hard dealing with these issues.
Japan should speak out that she stands by human right, whatever nationality is involved.
As for Tibet, Japan should advocate she is against oppressing Tibetan people.
As for Nanjing, Japan just should declare that it was horrible massacre, and learning
from it, Japan is determined to respect human right in any situation.
As for comfort women, Japan should speak out that she is against any human trafficking and exploitation of women in any country. Japan might concede that Japanese dealing with the issue might not be sufficient, but then she can point out it is better than none and Korean and Chinese have been deteriorating women's situation, e.g. North Korean women in China.

Why can't Japanese government do that?

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