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Comfort women NYT Onishi and Yoshimi

Of the half-dozen documents he discovered, the most damning was a notice written on March 4, 1938, by the adjutant to the chiefs of staff of the North China Area Army and Central China Expeditionary Force. Titled "Concerning the Recruitment of Women for Military Comfort Stations,” the notice said that “armies in the field will control the recruiting of women,” and that “this task will be performed in close cooperation with the military police or local police force of the area.”

In another document from July 1938, Naosaburo Okabe, chief of staff of the North China Area Army, wrote that rapes of local women by Japanese soldiers had deepened anti-Japanese sentiments and that setting up “facilities for sexual comfort as quickly as possible is of great importance.” Yet another, an April 1939 report by the headquarters of the 21st Army in Guangzhou, China, noted that the 21st Army directly supervised 850 women.onishi/nyt/March 31, 2007

(photo comfort women at concentration camp)

Let's see the original text.

page 8
Concerning the Recruitment of Women for Military Comfort Stations

“when the brokers recruit women for the comfort station in the sino-Japanese war, there were cases where
(1) the brokers abused the name of Japanese military and people mistook them for military officers,damaging the prestige of the military and
(2) they recruited women irregularly by way of commissioned journalists and commissioned entertainers.
(3)they recruited inadequately like kidnapping and as a result they were investigated by the police and they needed to be watched out.

There have been a lot of cases as above reported,
therefore, from now on, the dispatch force will carry out screening for the brokers carefully and adequately and will corporate with the police and kenpei in regulating the recruitment so that it won’t cause the social problem and it won’t damage the prestige of the military.(3 March 1938)

page 21
War time service regulations
.....As for VD, not only do we need preemptive measures to prevent it, it is necessary to get the sanitation system complete in the the comfort station and to avoid the prostitute who are not under our supervision and to avoid the local women.....

page 22
July 1938, Naosaburo Okabe
2 the recovery of the peace and order is delayed ,of course, mainly because there is a lack of military force, but also because the illegal acts by military officers and workers has brought about the anti-sentiments among local people and this sentiment is being used as a pretext to agitate people by communist. And this will be the utmost influential factor for the recovery for the peace and order.
According to the information we received, the fervent anti-Japanese sentiment was brought about by the spreading the news Japanese military officers raped the local women in various places and it is said that this has caused strong anti-Japanese sentiments.

3 The local self-defence troops such as the red spear association .... at .... are traditionally fervently against military plunder and rape, in particular as for the rape, all the local people will defend the women to the death. (refer to the article on the nature of the red spear association.) Therefore, the rape is not just
crime by the criminal code, but it is also national treason damaging the peace and order and the military operation. Those who control the subordinate need to admonish them and need to see it that this will never happen again.

4 As mentioned above, it is urgent that we need to supervise the individual soldier with utmost strict, that we will set up the comfort station for sexual purpose so that soldiers will not violate the law for the lack of such institution.

page 37
The situation of comfort station/April 1939 report by the headquarters of the 21st Army in Guangzhou, China,

1 The comfort station was set up for the military officers under the supervision of the garrison and kenpei in guarded areas.

2 Recently as the many kinds of comfort stations such as Cafe, Restaurant, Dining room etc, hava been set up, the number of military comfort station are diminishing.

3 At present, there are about 1000 female employees and about 850 females are under military regulation, it is estimated that about 150 female are from the homeland of the each troop.

4 Other than mentioned above, there are a few cases the local females are employed where the setting up of the comfort station is difficult.

5 The document on the apportion and sanitary situation of comfort stations are attached.
....troop.....location.....the number of female......rate of disease

(Correct any mistakes in translation)

It seems to me that all they show is that Japanese military regulated illegal pimps, and supervised the sanitation of comfort station. and the comfort stations were set up
(1) for fear of spreading VD
(2)for fear of speading anti-Japanese sentiment due to the rapes by Japanese soldiers.
And there is nothing new. Japanese troops are set up houses for brothels, transefered
women, regulated illegal pimps, supervised the medical check.

What people like Onishi and Yoshimi tend to ignore is the cases where Japanese military acutally closed down the brothel where it was found out that the women was decieved.
For instance,
In 1944, 30 women arrived, led by two Koreans, one women started crying , saying that she didn't know it was comfort station, she was promised to work at the the meeting place for military officers. I deprived the broker of the license, and odered to have them work at appropriate profession. Probably the pimps recruted them deceiving, recollected the military doctore Nagasawa

Some people want to paint the comfort women as dark as possbile. The photo is the photo of comfort women cited in the book accusing Japanese military for abusing comfort station.
The caption reads:
the comfort women following the troop, what did they have in mind hidden in thier cheeful expressoin, crossing the yellow river


I am not saying that the living condition of the all the comfort station was good,
In some cases, it is imaginable that the living condition was horrible just as it was with Japanese brothels at the time and it has been with Korean brothels and many brothels in the world.
What I am saying is that they need more nuanced views on history. see also comfort women depicted in the film on this matter.



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