Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Comfort women depicted in the film before the issue popped up.

Comfort women were no secret in Japan, I have seen the brothels in Japanese movies. This film called
Independent gang of hooligans/独立愚連隊 depicts the comfort women. One woman called Tomi is clearly Japanese but another woman is probably playing Chinese or Korean comfort women, judging from her accent. The film was produced in 1959, long before the campaign for the comfort women started. The stage is in North China in 1944. This is not documentary, but it reflects at least partly, how comfort women were perceived by Japanese.
And this site which support ex- comfort women, the house of sharing, lists the photos of comfort women. Some were clrealy about the Woman Brigate/teshintai which many Korean people are confused with comfort women, but some are really photos of comfort women.


And the photo is a shot from the Korean film "Bad guy"
It's pretty simple. Pimp meets girl, girl rejects pimp, pimp tricks girl into turning tricks, girl falls for pimp — insert screeching sound of needle on vinyl record here. Girl falls for pimp? Eh! Yeah! Nabbeun Namja (Bad Guy)

The theme seems to be recurrent one.
Chang (1997)
advertisement A young woman is tricked into prostitution, thinking she's going to sell beverages at a village store. She soon learns about the dark world of Korea's red-light districts, where a prostitute is exploited by johns, their pimps and society. She befriends one of her johns, a country bumpkin, who keeps in touch with her over the years. The film is a look at Korea's prostitution from the 1970s to the 1990s told through her story.

And here is a real story of Korean human trader.:
The report notes that based on official statistics and published reports, up to 5,000 women could have been trafficked into South Korea for the sex industry since the mid-1990s.

However, there is reason to believe that the actual number may in fact be higher. The report highlights that researchers have been hampered in their efforts on what to measure to estimate the true scale of trafficking in South Korea due to the fact that there is not a clear or consistent definition of trafficking in South Korea.
The report finds that women trafficked into the South Korean entertainment industry endure working conditions that clearly exploit them and there is also a present and real threat of violence if any of these women do not perform exactly as instructed. Moreover, other human rights violations are widespread, including illegal confinement, forced labour and even forced prostitution.

Filipino women are especially prone to sexual exploitation as their English language skills make them attractive to American service men interested in purchasing sex. However, women of other nationalities are also sexually exploited since foreign workers are often easier to intimidate than local Korean women.September 2002・Third World Net work.魚拓

see also Korean Sexual Culture: An Historical Overview 魚拓
shanghai now
Police Arrest Slave Smugglers


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BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / No hard evidence of coercion in recruitment of comfort women

BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / Comfort station originated in govt-regulated 'civilian prostitution'

BACKGROUND OF 'COMFORT WOMEN' ISSUE / Kono's statement on 'comfort women' created misunderstanding

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