Saturday, September 15, 2007

why can't the U.S. say no to China?

"As a leader in the community of democracies, why can't the U.S. say no to China?" he asked. "Why can't the U.S. openly say that you can't hold a gun pointing at the head of the 23 million people of Taiwan and use the other hand to choke Taiwan?"

It is simple. The U.S. has been playing the power game .
"For past decades, the U.S. has supported the people of Taiwan, but now our democracy is being locked in a birdcage,"

"I'm convinced that the United States would rather improve relations with North Korea than Taiwan," Chen said. "The U.S. also believes Kosovo will be independent eventually. If you support Kosovo, why can't you support or at least care about Taiwan? Are we that unworthy?"CNNcashe

Yes, people are watching how the U.S. acts toward the voice of deomocray and liberty from the world.
Keep it up, Taiwan!!

Speaking via video to an audience in New York, Chen Shui-bian said he believes the U.S. opposes the referendum because of China's opposition, intimidation and threat of military action.

Chen said the referendum is the best way to show the world that the majority of Taiwanese favor the island gaining a U.N. seat. While polls show three-quarters of people support U.N. membership, he said, opinion surveys cannot substitute "a formal democratic procedure."


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