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People often talk about multipolarization and endorce the similar concept.
What is the multipolarization? Googling it, we find
multipolarization is the contemporary phenomenon that various regional arrangements take shape and interact with one another. The days are gone when a couple f mighty powers decided the destiny of the rest of the world. link

The analyst Tanaka claims,
The United States' power is declining militarily, diplomatically, and economically. It is predicted that the international system will be established in which the countries such as China, Russia, and India will be key players, resulting in multipolarization. .....The multipolarization is necessary for the world to keep
developing:It is necessary to replace the existing system in which the United States subordinate Europe and Japan.


masa_the_man agrees that the multipolarization will take place in the domain of economic and politics, For instance 6-way talks with North Korea is the case in point.But he argues that the multipolarization is buck passing in disguise and in view of military, the US dominance will continue.
I find Masa's argument more convincing:The US needs to back up economic stability (the free market and the stability of dollar as a key currency etc.) with its strong military and she will not allow the regional hegemony.

The multipolarization is all right:for instance, Japan should welcome China's economic rise. But the we should not disregard the fact Masa pointed out; The US primacy in military will continue. Besides, Japan needs to keep saying to China that Japan upholds the liberal democracy in which an individual right has priority and that we can not support the policy of whatever country that will violate the individual rights.How and how much we use the political power to influence China's oppressing policy is another story, though.

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