Sunday, September 09, 2007

Princess Masako

It seems a controversial book,Princess Masako was translated into Japanese and published finally.
According to Ikeda, reading the book, there is nothing new, nothing controversial, nothing scandalous.
If you have to pick up somehow scandalous,

Masako's family was not happy with the marriage.
She is depressed disorder.
There is an alternative that she might leave the royal family.
Akishinomiya, the brother of the prince, had an affair with two women, and one woman pressed him to take the responsibility. That is his present wife.

But these are, as it were, an open secret.

Though Imperial Household Agency blames the book, saying there are mistakes in every page, in fact there was only one substantial mistake, the author claim the royal family are not concerned with a controversial event such as seeing the patient of Hansen's disease, which is false.

Ikeda attacks the Imperial Household Agency for the violation of Masako's human right; she is depressed because she has been "imprisoned" by the Imperial Agency, and still the people concerned are only worried about not losing face and an inheritor.

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